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Like‘able Lithuania – the Best Internet Campaign in the Public Sector


Like'able Lithuania, the innovative communications campaign in social networks, implemented by the State Department of Tourism Under the Ministry of Economy, was acknowledged by a jury of experts of Lithuanian Internet Awards Login 2014 and awarded as the best in the category "Internet use in public sector advertising".

"Since the very beginning Like'able Lithuania was a non-standard project – a true challenge for a state institution. After a long process of consultations and testing, we resolved and chose to speak to our target audiences about Lithuanian tourism opportunities in an unusual and bold form of social networking, attracting their attention with interactive applications and capturing visual solutions. Although we did what was not yet seen in Lithuania and all the issues that we solved with high quality were completely new to us, today we can be proud of having reached more than 800 000 interactions (likes, shares, comments and participation in applications) in only eight months. One million, the number that we had chosen as our impossible high goal, will soon be reached and we are very happy about it." says Dr. Raimonda Balnienė, the Director General of Lithuanian State Department of Tourism.


According to Marius Vaupšas, the leading partner of marketing communications agency Lukrecija BBDO, what makes the campaign Like'able Lithuania extraordinary is that a state institution was not afraid of choosing simple measures and messages aimed at different target audiences of an international and a very complicated project. "Instead of being formal, the approach to this project was as bold as if it was done by a modern organisation of the business sector. In recent years the communications of the entire public sector show signs of revival – various institutions implement a variety of projects targeted at both communications and advertising, as well as adapted to the needs of target audiences and information consumption habits." states Mr Vaupšas, an expert of communications.


Tomas Nemura, the Managing Director of The Chocolate, the agencies implementing Like'able Lithuania campaign, is glad that the solution proposed together with the communications agency VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies became a positive example of providing information in different formats and adapting the messages of a state institution for the audience of social networks.

More about the Like'able Lithuania campaign

Like'able Lithuania is a social networking campaign for implementing Lithuanian tourism communication and marketing strategies, which involve advertising Lithuania and the country's tourism potential in 5 social networks in three languages (Lithuanian, English and Russian). A special platform delivers daily news containing interesting places, events, facts, unexpected discoveries, the offers of Lithuanian creators, exceptional dining options – everything that everyone might like in Lithuania. The end of the campaign will be marked by a new object of tourist attraction – a LIKE sculpture, which will be the largest in the world.

References to the pages of the campaign in social networks:






The campaign Like'able Lithuania is implemented by the State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy and financed by the EU Structural Funds according to the project "Presentation of Lithuanian tourism products, image formation and advertising in the social networks" (No. VP3-1.3.-ŪM-04-V-03-002).

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