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Adventur exhibition is inviting to discover cities and towns of the world and Lithuania

2016-01-06 , Updated 2016-01-07 00:00

The end of January marks is the time to plan your new journeys. Get Ready to Travel is the slogan of the international tourism, travel and active leisure exhibition Adventur which this year is inviting its loyal visitors to the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO in Vilnius for the fourth time. The highlight of this year's exhibition is city break.

'This year, we expect the Adventur to encourage travellers to discover Lithuanian cities and towns', said Jurgita Kazlauskienė, Head of one of the exhibition organisers State Tourism Department under the Ministry of Economy. 'City tourism has been gaining popularity in Europe. Opting for a weekend break in one's local towns instead of buying a ticket to Paris or Barcelona has become an interesting, smart and even fashionable trend'.

According to the statistics, a local tourist exploring Lithuania spent 8.4% more money during nine months of 2015 than during the last year. Statistics of the Lithuanian accommodation industry show the growth of nearly 11% of local tourism. 'It is a pleasing trend', said Director of State Tourism Department Ms. Kazlauskienė. 'By travelling in Lithuania, our people contribute to the tourism industry growth, help this market to recover and compensate for the losses incurred in Eastern markets'.

'We have been organising the international tourism, travel and active leisure exhibition Adventur for four years', said Head of LITEXPO Exhibition Group Jolanta Masiulienė. 'During these four years, we learned that local tourism has hidden treasuries waiting to be discovered, but we are too timid and not always know how or dare to praise ourselves'. 

According to Masiulienė, every single city or town in Lithuania is exclusive and unique. At the exhibition, identities and uniqueness will be introduced by the municipalities of Alytus, Anykščiai, Birštonas, Biržai, Druskininkai, Ignalina, Jonava, Jurbarkas, Kaišiadorys, Kaunas and Kaunas District, Kėdainiai, Klaipėda and Klaipėda District, Šilutė, Skuodas, Kretinga, Kupiškis, Lazdijai, Marijampolė, Mažeikiai, Molėtai, Neringa, Pagėgiai, Palanga, Panevėžys, Plungė, Prienai, Radviliškis, Raseiniai, Rokiškis, Euro Region of the River Šešupė, municipalities and tourist information centres of Šiauliai and Šiauliai District, Švenčionys, Tauragė, Trakai, Ukmergė, Utena, Varėna, Vilnius and Vilnius District, Zarasai, Žemaitija Region.

Exhibition halls of the cities, and a modern exhibition stand of the State Tourism Department resembling a hot-air balloon will be based in the third hall of the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO. 'Rivalry between the cities manifests itself especially in marketing', said Project Manager of Adventur Dovilė Vertelytė-Saldukienė. Her opinion is supported by Head of Tourism Department Kazlauskienė: 'Competitive environment is also promoting tourism, every city and town are looking for new ways, fresh ideas to make every single visit unforgettable, are searching for novelties, educational programmes. It is very important to encourage tourists to come back and to bring their friends'.

Vilnius City holds the special status of the Exhibition City this year. 'We will highlight novelties in the city, will invite to attend various events in our city, sightseeing tours, will help to discover new places, will distribute information publications, maps. We will introduce a new route comics called Vilnius. Let's Go, visitors will be invited to use the services of greetings and invitations post office', Jurga Pociūtė-Mikūtienė Chief Specialist of Tourism Division, Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Administration of Vilnius City Municipality described the planned presentation of Vilnius City at the exhibition.  

The fourth hall of Litexpo will be traditionally devoted to active leisure organisers. Visitors will be able to buy sports, leisure goods, to have a chat with the organisers of active leisure, sports clubs, to buy memberships to the gyms and entertainment centres at discounted prices.

This year, Russian Airlines will have their stand at the exhibition introducing long-haul flights to the visitors. Air Baltic airline will participate at the exhibition for the first time, Ryanair company will contribute to the exhibition communication. 'It is a new trend, last year the Turkish airline was the only air company participating at the exhibition', said Vertelytė-Saldukienė. 

The fifth hall of Litexpo is devoted to tourism business. For the first time, the exhibition will be visited by representatives of tourism business of the Ukraine, Portugal, Philippines. 'We are happy to see the name of the Adventur exhibition to be widely known, representatives of the countries, travel agencies are looking for new contacts, ways, participate at the exhibition enthusiastically, while Vilnius is considered by them as an excellent venue for business meeting', said Vertelytė-Saldukienė adding that foreign representatives will introduce also the most interesting, popular cities most favoured by tourists. Presentations of the cities will be held on the big stage of the exhibition. 

This year's Adventur boasts abundance of events. Geographical knowledge contest Get to Know Lithuanian Cities and Towns will be organised for 69 form students, as well as interactive geography lessonsquizzes, questions for which will be prepared by the cities and towns participating at the exhibition, a seminar for geography teachers.

Organisers of the Open Kitchen who launched its winter season specifically for the exhibition will help to realise the theme of Taste the World.

Social project We Love Lithuania is organising a unique championship of the photos of Lithuania, the grand finale of which will be held at the exhibition. 

The tradition of holding the cycle of events called Travelling is My Lifestyle will not be broken, where music, art, television celebrities, famous travellers will share their travel stories and experiences.

The exhibition will receive over 200 tourism business representatives from 35 countries of the world, over 100 events will be held. The Adventur exhibition will be held on 2224 of January, at the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.

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