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Both Lithuanian and Foreign exhibitors found their visitors at the tourism exhibition

2016-01-26 , Updated 2016-01-29 00:00

Yesterday, the third international tourism and active leisure exhibition ADVENTUR, organised under the slogan "Come Ready!” came to an end.

The three-day adventurous mini-tour invited the visitors to discover hidden gems of Lithuania, explore exotic countries of the world, suggested lots of ideas for travelling with family, colleagues, for organising celebrations abroad, advised on choosing, planning and organising your trips responsibly. This year is the year of ethnographic regions, therefore the heritage of Lithuania and its culture received lots of attention at the exhibition.   

Under the "Discover the World" theme of the exhibition, foreign countries and travel agencies were introduced. Lithuanian travel organisers came with many discounts and surprises for the visitors. Not only attractive holiday scenarios but also chances to book holidays at a better price could be found there.

In the hall "Discover Lithuania", visitors were welcomed by all regions of Lithuania: cultural heritage of the regions, hidden gems of Lithuania waiting to be discovered were introduced there, visitors were invited to plan both a short weekend break at the seaside and longer stay in any place of Lithuania they fancy. 

The 3rd ADVENTUR exhibition in addition to following the established traditions of the themes, also introduced a few completely new themes into the exhibition: "Travel Photography", and "Travel Music". Latest filming and photo gadgets were introduced to the travellers at the interactive space of Travel Photography, while famous Lithuanian photographers gave practical tips on immortalising unforgettable moments of travelling. The culture and most popular events of the music festivals were introduced at the Travel Music.

For the first time in the history of the Adventur Exhibition, the youngest visitors had their own space as well. Travel organiser NOVATURAS built A HAPPY SAFARI for the children, packed with amazing adventures and new experiences.

The record number of events were held at this year's exhibitions - 125, including: meetings with celebrities, travellers, tour guides, events dedicated to the Year of Ethnography, presentations of Lithuania and foreign countries, travel photography and music events. The following famous people shared their travel experiences and observations at the exhibition: famous actress, public figure Nijole Ozelyte, musician Linas Zareckas Choras, motor sport commentator, head of Microsoft Lithuania Kristijonas Kaikaris, traveller Mantas Bartusevicius who travelled across Lithuania on foot, traveller Vytautas Bukauskas' family, writer, journalist, expert of etiquette Giedrius Drukteinis, etc.

The best travel book of the year was announced at the exhibition - the great majority of readers voted for Paulius Egidijus Kovas' book "Gyvenimas audroje. Kaip išlikti sausam“ (Life in the Storm. How to Stay Dry) at the contest organised by the portal. While, the Travel and Entertainment Club of the Lithuanian Writers' Association introduced the laureates of the travel competition 2004 Kolumbas LT. The nomination Traveller of the Year was awarded to Paulius Maciulevicius for the project "Be sienu" (Without Borders), the nomination The Travel Story of the Year was awarded to Gytis Juodpusis for his travel to Amazonia jungle, while the Bukauskai family won in the category Family Travel of the Year for their travel to Siberia.

This year, the exhibition and the events received 31% more visitors if compared with the last year, i.e. 21,484 people from all over Lithuania and abroad. According to the poll of the visitors conducted by Synopticum UAB, 53% visitors were interested in holidays and travelling abroad, but as many as 32% of the visitors showed interest in travelling and holidaymaking in Lithuania.

According to some interviewed visitors, the Hall dedicated to Lithuania received more attention because people are travelling in Lithuania, and are searching for interesting entertaining facilities and adventures in the country. Others were more interested in the fifth hall called Discover the World, where new routes in foreign countries were introduced, because according to them some of the things that are presented at the exhibition cannot be found online, while at the exhibition everything can be found in one place. "My discovery at this exhibition was Dubai and Indonesia, I noticed them and visited their stands", said one visitor. The visitors expressed warm approval of the Turkish, Latvian and other foreign exhibition stands and presentations, mentioned that they came to the exhibition more than once.

The poll results show that the visitors highly appreciate the opportunity to learn about all kinds of holidays and leisure activities under one roof, they also emphasised that they felt the urge to book a trip not only because of excellent homework done by the exhibitors, extensive information available and friendly communication but also because of the discounts offered at the event. The novelty of the exhibition - A HAPPY SAFARI CHILDREN - special space built by travel organiser NOVATURAS for the youngest visitors received lots of good comments from the visitors.

According to the poll data, it can be stated that more than half this year's visitors are planning to visit the same exhibition in the future.

The exhibition was well received by the exhibitors as well. According to Janis Grudvils from the Latvian exhibition stand, "the exhibition is on the right track, the number of visitors is consistently growing every year. I am happy to see people discovering their neighbours, we are small countries but we should be interested in each other. People interested in active recreation make me sincerely happy. They asked me many questions about the Latvian architecture, castles, and ... bike paths. It looks that Lithuanians are fond of travelling by bikes..."

Marketing Director of the Thailand Tourism Association for Finland and Baltic States Tarja Koivisto said that she has been participating in the exhibition for the third year and she has noticed an ever-increasing interest shown by the visitors. "It was nice to see crowds of people standing at our exhibition stand this year waiting for their turn to ask questions about holidays in Thailand. And they know what they are asking! They came really well-prepared", said Tarja Koivisto.

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