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On the Occasion of the 20th Rural Tourism Season – TOP10 of the “Most Delicious” Homesteads


On May 24th in Klaipėda district, a flag of rural tourism was hoisted and the 20th rural tourism season was officially opened.  

“I would like to congratulate providers of rural tourism services on their anniversary – the opening of the 20th rural tourism season, and first of all thank them for the particularly dynamic and creative years of rural tourism. Please note that last year we included, for the first time, the data from rural tourism homesteads into the official statistics of institutions providing accommodation in Lithuania. According to the Lithuanian Association of Rural Tourism, on average, 20 per cent of local tourists who stayed overnight in an institution providing accommodation did so in a rural tourism homestead. By the way, foreigners also say that a possibility to stay at country homesteads in Lithuania is one of the country’s largest assets and exceptional features, which enables a better knowledge of nature, customs and people,” notes Indrė Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė, acting Head of the Tourism Department, who takes part in the opening ceremony of the rural tourism season.


Currently, Lithuania has more than 600 rural tourism homesteads offering almost 15 thousand places of accommodation. Rural tourism homesteads attract tourists by demonstrating culinary heritage and customs or organising active leisure activities. In Lithuania, you can find various thematic homesteads – for instance, that of rabbits, that of sea buckthorns, that of the rites of Balts or a homestead where it is possible to listen to the songs of cranes, etc.


The Tourism Department together with the Lithuanian Association of Rural Tourism prepared a TOP10 list of exceptional rural homesteads inviting tourists to stay and taste:

  1. The bank of the lake with the whitest sand – in Švento sodyba (Šventas Homestead). The homestead is located in Gražutė Regional Park, in the landscape reserve of the Šventas Lake, close to the Šventas Lake. This lake boasts the water which is among the cleanest and clearest in Lithuania.
  2. Tasting of the most delicious Samogitian dishes – at the homestead Pas tėvukus (At the Parents’) (Plungė district). The landlords invite you to have dinner from clay crockery and with wooden spoons while they tell you about Samogitian customs. After dinner you can have a swim in the Beržoras Lake.
  3. Bakers of the world’s tallest Tree Cake – homestead Ignė (Jaskonys village). Located just off Druskininkai, this year, the homestead Ignė takes part in the campaign “Open Days in the Country” organised by the Lithuanian Association of Rural Tourism and invites you to become familiar with the genuine Lithuanian dessert – the Tree Cake. Everyone willing will be able to visit the world’s only Museum of Tree Cakes and see a real Tree Cake – the Guinness record-holder, the height of which reaches as many as 3.72 metres, as well as taste Tree Cakes and learn about their production process.
  4. Homestead of producers of the traditional Lithuanian mead Šušvė (Kėdainiai district). The landlord is a bee-keeper and a producer of mead which is the oldest Lithuanian alcoholic beverage. If you come here, you will be able to participate in the tastings of mead and honey as well as will be shown around the mead farm.
  5. Homestead of silence and peace Kliukai (Molėtai district) is situated on a high hill and is surrounded by large ponds and springs. The landlords are sure that guests must find here as many as possible natural and genuine items which were created, made, devised and “tamed” by the landlords themselves.

6.    Homestead which has a small house with the bee-hive climate Žališkė (Lazdijai district). The homestead features a bee-farm – you can taste honey with combs directly from a bee-hive! You will get even more impressions if you visit a bee-hive house – here you can spend some time in specially installed premises with the climate of a bee-hive and feel its positive impact on your soul and body.

7.    Homestead of the most delicious cakes and coffee of Lithuania Minor with a restaurant Petrutės Račkauskienės sodyba (Homestead of Petrutė Račkauskienė) (Klaipėda district). The establishment of the homestead on the bank of the stream Agluona started 20 years ago, and today the homestead features a small bakery as well as baths. Visitors are attracted by offering them to taste delicacies of Lithuania Minor.

8.    Homestead where you will find out what the inhabitants of the ethnographic region of Dzūkija ate, drank and licked Linos ir Egidijaus Černiauskų sodyba (Homestead of Lina and Egidijus Černiauskai). The homestead is located in Dzūkija National Park, in Kapiniškės village. The cold waters of the stream Skroblus flow practically through the courtyard of the homestead, while on the other side of the house you can see a hill and a valley wrapped up in forest. The homestead holds tastings of culinary heritage and educational sessions about this heritage – and indeed, it is the greatest pleasure to cook a dish of Dzūkija in the ancient bread-baking stove with the help of the landlady!

9.    Homestead combining health promotion and restorative treatments as well as baths into a harmonious whole - Felikso Laivio sodyba (Homestead of Feliksas Laivys) (Molėtai district). The landlords take a serious interest in ethnographic culture and try to understand and use the principles that helped our ancestors to successfully survive for thousands of years. They are interested in possibilities of real rest and maintenance of strength and health as well as genuine needs of the human body; they also teach how to use the powers and gifts of nature effectively.

10. Homestead where you can bake “heart” pancakes in an outside stove – Gervių giesmė (The Song of Cranes) (Kazlų Rūda municipality). The homestead is surrounded by wild nature, and the stream Nova flows through its courtyard. At a distance of 3 km, the ornithological reserve Novaraistis is situated, and hundreds of cranes live in its marshes. Every morning, the cranes fly above the homestead, while in the evening they return home squealing.

More information on exceptional homesteads and novelties related to the rural tourism season is available in  

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