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State Department of Tourism is looking for the best Lithuanian gastronomic project

2015-07-31 , Updated 2015-08-05 00:00

Best gastronomic destinations are being elected in Lithuania. 16 projects from various areas of the country applied seeking to be named as the best in Lithuania and presented to foreign tourists. Beer of Pakruojis manor, sakotis – traditional tree cake or local Baltic Sea fish – who would be introduced to Lithuanian and foreign tourists as the best we have in Lithuania? It will become clear in the fall.

Currently, the applications, which were submitted by areas, which successfully organize gastronomic festivals and culinary heritage presentations, educational programs, food and harvest celebrations, are being assessed.

“It is a great opportunity to promote culinary features of one’s area and attract foreign tourists as well. Tourism trends are similar worldwide - we want to travel more and explore the lesser- known areas, and when we get there we want to taste delicious local food and bring back some original, traditional gifts home,”- says Jurgita Kazlauskiene, Director of State Department of Tourism under the Ministry pf Economy.


However, not every area, which submitted the application, will get this kind of possibility. After a thorough evaluation of the applications submitted by the participants, 10 projects will be selected, which further will compete for the name of the best. These 10 destinations, selected during the initial stage, will be visited by the commission of experts and according to the evaluation criteria four most interesting projects will be selected. The contest finalists will be announced at a special event of awards, and the best elected project will be presented in Brussels along with the best gastronomic projects from all European Union countries.


State Department of Tourism has received project applications from all over Lithuania. The expert commission will be travelling in Aukstaitija, were it is invited to participate in thematic journey „Narrow Gauge Railway Roadside Legend- Balis Karazijas winemaking history“, in Zemaitija to get acquainted with culinary traditions of the region. The evaluation commission, residents of Lithuania and foreign guests are also welcome in other regions of Lithuania, which fascinate by their projects: „Traditional Tree Cake – Business Card of Lithuania“ in Jaskonys County, „Pakruojis - the Capital of Beer Traditions“, tasting of natural honey in Jurbarkas, food traditions of zanavykai land.


The biggest amount of applications received by project managers, who offer to taste Lithuanian fish. Residents of Klaipeda invite to the culinary cruise “Fish road”, fishermen of Neringa also offer to taste local fish and try out the gastronomic fish road with the project “Fishers we are”. In most laky region - Ignalina, people are invited to taste fish soup as national heritage product. Here you can observe, feel and directly participate in production of fish soup and its presentation process on the Srovinaitis lake shore. Silute also presents exclusive fishery project - in this regional fish soup cooking championship takes place annually, in which not only the best fish soup cooking masters from all over Lithuania come, but also visitors from neighbouring countries, special tours and tastings are organized, and the fish soup can be cooked in the kitchen, outdoors or simply in ship.


All the participants will be participating in gala awards ceremony and the winner will be presented to the whole Europe together with the best participants of other projects of EU countries. Short promotional videos will be created about the contest winner and finalists, which will be translated in tourism information centres, social websites and trough channels of State Department of Tourism.


The election of best gastronomic project is being implemented by State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy launching EDEN 2015 project “Lithuanian tourism attraction area 2015. Tourism and local gastronomy.”

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